Paradise Borrowed

Welcome to Paradise Borrowed

Say goodbye to travel hassles and hello to effortless vacations. At Paradise Borrowed™, we connect you with locals to borrow everything you need – from car seats to kayaks. No more overpacking, no more stress. Locals can also borrow items from other locals — creating a borrowers community.

Experience the Caribbean like never before: light, free, and connected. Discover the true spirit of travel with Paradise Borrowed™.

Native Apps currently in development!

The Borrowers Blog


Introducing the Borrowers Community

Welcome to Paradise Borrowed™ — the spirit of sharing in paradise. Imagine a community where locals lend their items to ...

How the Borrowers Community started

During one of my recent trips to the Cayman Islands, I faced the familiar challenge of bringing my child's car ...

Expected launch date, July 30th, 2024

Expected launch date, July 30th, 2024